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  • 快速掌握詞彙,閱讀, 寫作技能,考高分,考滿分
  • 小班授課,每位學生受到個別指導
  • SAT/ACT 數學及其它學科      
  • SSAT
  •  全程指導申請美加名牌大學
联大教育学院的SAT/ACT课程成功地培育学生掌握大学程度的阅读和写作技能,SAT词汇。凡遵循指导,愿意努力的学生已取得阅读,写作 800满分优异成绩。 联大教育学院的SAT/ACT课程也快速提高了普通中学生的阅读,写作能力和整体学习成绩。
Our SAT/ACT Courses have successfully trained the students with vocabulary building, college level reading, and writing skills, as well as SAT subject tests. Students who follow the instruction and are willing to work hard could expect to have a full mark in reading, writing, and math in SAT. Students who wish to improve their overall academic performance in reading and writing could be greatly benefited from SAT/ACT courses.
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